The culture of bodybuilding is extremely popular across the globe as almost everyone wants to acquire a beautiful body. The art of muscle building has attracted devoted followers for many years. Much before the advent of competitive bodybuilding of today’s world, the physical culture of developing an attractive physique was appreciated by many. However, the practice and structure have changed significantly over the years. Many young enthusiasts these days flock to the body building camp to develop their muscles.


What is Body Building?

Bodybuilding refers to the routine use of progressive resistance exercise which helps to develop and control the musculature of someone’s body. The person who engages in the activity is known as a body builder. A body builder trains under a body building coach.

What Is a Body Building Camp?

If you want to start bodybuilding activity, rather than starting on your own, it is best to start with a body building camp. These camps are conducted for a brief time span (day-long, month-long or week-long) and you will be training under a qualified body building coach. A muscle building camp has four different levels for different people:

  • Beginners: Here the muscle building program is designed for those enthusiasts who want to turn into professionals later.
  • Advanced: Most professional bodybuilders who look forward to competing at national and international levels join this level for professional guidance.
  • Weight Loss: This is designed for obese people who want to shape up their body by losing weight.
  • Weight Gain: This muscle building program is for lean people who want to shape up their bodies by gaining weight.

What Are the Advantages of Joining a Muscle Building Program?

Every sport shapes the body and enhances your fitness. However, body building is the best sport to acquire a fit and proportionately shaped body. Body building not only develops the physical health, but also it helps the mind to get rid of stress. So, what advantages do you derive when you start exercising in a camp?


Improved Physical Health:

Bodybuilding reduces the risk of growing coronary heart diseases. If you engage in regular physical activities you will also be able to control your blood pressure. So, bodybuilding is highly recommended for people who are suffering from high blood pressure. Body training also helps in controlling obesity and cholesterol level. With the help of regular exercise, the bones, muscles and joints of your body grow strong and flexible. If you are a patient of osteoporosis or arthritis, such training programs will help you recover faster.

Improved Mental Health:

Through bodybuilding exercise, you can boost your mental health. These training programs help to reduce anxiety, stress and depression. Possessing a healthy and attractive body also increases your confidence and self-esteem. Some prefer couples personal training to individual exercise plans as it helps a couple grow happy and fit together. All these impact your overall well-being.

Couples personal training

5 Most Important Things for a Bodybuilder

Every bodybuilder thinks about the exercise plan, nutrition chart, gym equipment etc. However, when you join a particular bodybuilding program, you must remember 5 most important things besides these.

  • Lift Progressively Heavier Weights

If you want to reach an attractive physical shape, the fundamental thing that you need to do is weight lifting. The amount of weight you lift should increase gradually from session to session. This increased intensity ensures that muscles are subjected to enough stress to elicit the desired result. If you begin with say 10 repeats with 50 kilograms on a bench press, then the next week you should add 2.5 kilograms to it and so on.

  • Amount of Protein Consumption

Protein is a chemical compound which helps the body to build and repair muscles. It is the most important nutrient for every athlete or bodybuilder. To achieve your personal physical goal, you need to consume sufficient amount of protein. Every bodybuilder should eat at least one gram of protein for every pound of bodyweight. For example, if you start training when your weight 123 pounds, you should consume at least 123 gm proteins every day. This will accelerate the protein synthesis (formation of a new protein from amino acids) inside the body.

  • Sleep Adequately

Sleeping is a very crucial activity for everyone, especially if you are engaged in a regular exercise routine. Sleeping also assists in protein synthesis which recharges the health of a stressed bodybuilder. It also helps the body to manufacture testosterone and growth hormone (somatotropin). 8+ hours of continuous sleep is the best sleeping cycle for a bodybuilder.

  • Positive Mental Attitude

Thinking positively is very important as it stimulates good results in bodybuilding. You have to improve the quality of training only by approaching every stage with strong determination. In order to keep up a positive attitude, some prefer joining couples fitness training and it gives positive energy to both the bodybuilder. Try to shrug off negative thoughts and feel cheerful about your fitness goal. Since your mind impacts the growth of the body indirectly, it is advised to approach your exercise positively.

Fitness model posing

  • Stress Management

Negative stress has a destructive nature that is not good for a bodybuilder. For a journey towards superior muscle growth can be hindered by negative stress. These undermine your endeavors to relax and develop your muscles. So, it is important to avoid getting intoxicated (smoking or drinking), getting involved in an argument, thinking negative and messing with the sleeping cycle.

If you want to choose fitness model posing as your career, these tips could work wonders for you. So enroll in a good body building camp to develop the most desired body.