If you follow the old routine that has been followed through ages by body builders then you will know nothing is best than the old way that has proven results. Nowadays with advent of whey protein supplements and online nutrition plan body building old methods are being ignored. Let those myths not divert you from the 75 years old technique. The techniques are not slow if you follow the right disciplined routine.


The 3 day week routine

As per the online exercise plan you need to work out on every alternate days of the week. As these are extremely strenuous a gap in the middle is a requirement.

  • Start with squats

This will warm up the body. You can take weights but not heavy ones and continue a set of 20 reps. Usually it takes few minutes to do complete one round.

  • Start Pull Overs

You must not allow the body to cool down after the squats and use light barbells to start your pull overs immediately. You have to do this 20 reps and your 1 round will be done with that.

  • Increase of weights

Every time you finish this dual set add 5lbs of weight and go for the 2nd round of exercise. While doing the squats the form is to be maintained. Do a full squat and do not cheat on this part. This is necessary if you want your muscles to grow.

  • Do chin ups, dips and decline bench sit ups

This has no specific count and you can do it as per your capacity. Take a minute rest after a round and consecutively start dips. Take rest for a minute again and do decline bench sit up. You have to do this circuit 3 times, so accordingly choose the number you are doing in the first round of exercises.

  • Have enough food

As you start with these exercises having the right diet is just indispensable. If you are not eating the right quantity it is not advised to perform this routine. Ask a fitness trainer for an online nutrition plan and follow it strictly. Drink plenty of water all throughout the day.

Apart from these age old technique there are modern body building programs which are equally effective. For couples fitness training this is not a proposed routine. There are specialized programs for couples that must be tried for body building.

To have a detailed exercise routine and diet chart consult the specialist of Schembri PT. Fill up the contact form to reach your nearest routine center.