If you’re new to the area of body building and relying upon a good online nutrition plan to begin the process then you surely know the basics. Some people have a special fascination about arms, they like it to be bigger and stronger in the first place. A few exercise are there to help with your arm muscles, if you practice those regularly you can see the results in shorter span of time.

muscle building program
muscle building program
  1. Barbell Curl

It’s a fundamental exercise to build your arm muscles. It works for both of your arms at the same time. The standing barbell curl is necessary to enhance the muscles of your arms and it plays an important role to shape up your biceps. The motion of curling strengthens the muscles near elbow.

     2. Seated Incline Dumbbell Bicep Curl

This is one of the most effective exercises, it helps you to gather the gross muscles that you want in your biceps. You may need a lighter weight as compared to other exercises, but the impact will not be of any lesser. You need to lie down on an incline bench and your back needs sufficient support. You need to hold the dumbbells gently and be careful with the pace to extend them towards the ground. And the rest is to be practiced under supervision of a trainer initially. This is an exercise what always needs your body building coach’s guidance. If you practice incline dumbbell curl on a regular basis, your bicep muscles will really be strong and big in a few days.

    3. One-Arm preacher curl

The exercise is helpful to enrich the lower portion of your biceps. At the same time, practicing this regularly can have a good effect on all the parts of your arms. For muscle building programme this exercise is what you really need. You need to settle yourself on a preacher’s bench with a dumbbell and pull it to bring it near shoulder, and hold it a little then place your hand back in the previous position.

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